20: Additional Sources of Information

CHAPTER 20 Additional Sources of Information

This book was written in simple language to allow readers to obtain and use the information rapidly and easily. However, some persons may want to further extend their knowledge. The following sources provide in-depth information about every area of dentistry and include reference books, professional dental organizations, dental schools, and professional dental organizations (geographic constituent societies).

Such references are available for every country; however, North America is emphasized in this book.


Although written for dental students, graduate students, and dentists, most information in these books is understandable to most interested lay readers as well. Every specialty, area, or division in dentistry is represented. You may find most of these books in dental or medical school libraries, or you may ask your local public librarian where the desired book(s) may be obtained. The books are listed by specific clinical areas:


Every division in dentistry has professional organizations that represent their specific areas. Questions about practitioners in your area (or any other question) may be referred to these sources.

National Dental Organizations

The following addresses are maintained by the Department of Dental Society Services, 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, 312/440-2600. Annual meeting dates for national dental organizations are included in the publication, Calendar of Dental Meetings, published by the Council on ADA Sessions and International Relations. A copy can be obtained by contacting the council at 312/440-2658.

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