10 The implant team


The implant team

Basically, dental implant therapy combines (1) surgical treatment aiming to place the implant in the jaws, and (2) restorative treatment aiming to replace the teeth supported by the implants. In addition, prior to the treatment, a radiographic examination is mandatory.

Over time, the sophistication of the surgical and prosthetic techniques has led to unlimited possibilities for the placement of dental implants in the oral cavity. Therefore, apart from some drastic medical contraindications, from a technical point of view, it is always possible to place implants, even when there is a lack of supporting bone. Consequently, patient demands are now higher in terms of success. The term “success” not only includes a functional demand but also an esthetic result, and minimum complications.

In the dental implant team, a well-trained general dentist may assume the full treatment of simple cases, i.e. when a sufficient amount of bone is present in non-esthetic areas, and when the periodontal status of the patient does not require a specialist. In other cases, which are increasingly frequent, a more extended team approach must be considered.

The basic dental implant team should include at least (Fig. 10.1):

  • a general dentist competent in basic dental implant diagnosis and therapy, basic periodontal diagnosis and therapy, basic dental implant surgery and prostheses
  • a dental nurse competent in surgical assistance and perioperative care
  • a dental hygienist competent in dental implant maintenance
  • a dental technician competent in dental implant />
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