Use of silicone surgical guides and biomodels in jaw reconstruction

Background and objectives : Introduce a novel working protocol for jaw reconstructive surgery using silicone guides elaborated on biomodels for resective and reconstructive treatments.

Methods : In 8 patients undergoing resective surgery for mandibular pathology biomodels were made. Resections were planned in accordance with clinical and CT examinations on the biomodels. After preplating, silicone surgical guides were elaborated to register the craniomaxillo mandibular relationship (CMMR) and also to record the positions of the plates on the remaining bone. During surgery, after the tumoral resection, plates were installed according to the planned position in the biomodel, away from the lesion to prevent seeding, using the silicone guides previously elaborated.

Results : The use of silicone guides on mandibular resection surgery allowed keeping a more accurate CMMR and an asymptomatic TMJ after surgery. The silicone guides were easily adapted and there was a decrease of the surgical time.

Conclusions : According to our experience, using silicone surgical guides elaborated on biomodels is an excellent resource for studying, planning of the surgery and subsequent reconstruction, considerably decreasing the surgery time and improving the final predictability.

Key words : biomodel; surgical guide; mandible; reconstruction

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Use of silicone surgical guides and biomodels in jaw reconstruction
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