The Relationship between parathyroid scintigraphy and Parathyroid Hormone Level in Parathyroid Adenomas Ş. Türkölmez, D, Çayır, G. Konca, K. Demirel, M. Korkmaz

Gülhane Tıp Dergisi 2007: 49: 36–39

Tc-99m MIBI parathyroid scintigraphy and intact parathyroid hormone (iPTH) assay are important diagnostic tests for hyperparathyroidism. The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between Tc-99m MIBI retention and iPTH levels in parathyroid adenomas. Thirty patients were selected (21 were female and 9 were male), aged ranged from 27 to 80 with a mean age of 52.47 years, had findings on parathyroid scintigraphy compatible with parathyroid adenoma and were confirmed to have the same pathological diagnosis. Anterior neck imaging was performed at 10th and 120th minutes after intravenous administration of Tc-99m MIBI. Regions of interest were generated from the tissues of parathyroid adenoma and normal thyroid tissues, and the early (E) and late (L) parathyroid / thyroid ratios were calculated. Retention index was calculated using the formula of (L-E) x 100/E. The iPTH levels of the patients were between 9 to 1705 pmol/L (median: 14.5). Statistical analysis was carried out using paired t-test and Pearson correlation analysis. Retention of MIBI in adenomas was detected in all cases. There was a significant correlation between the retention index and iPTH level (p = 0.0001). As a conclusion, scintigraphic visualization of parathyroid adenomas in patients with high level of serum iPTH was noted to reveal superior, than low iPTH level where detection of the adenoma was proved to be difficult due to decreased MIBI retention.


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