Tumors of the facial region

Introduction: Cancer is one of the most leading cause of death in the pediatric population around the world. Adult malignancies are usually epithelial neoplasms, but children more frequently have reticuloendothelial, neural and mesenchymal tumours; like leukaemia, central nervous system tumours, lymphoma, neuroblastoma and sarcomas.

Malignant lymphomas and soft-tissue sarcomas specially rhabdomyosarcomas are the most common malignant tumors. Followed by other sarcomas of bone, desmoplasic fibroma; Langerhans cell histiocytosis; Neuroblastoma; and Lymphomas;

Otherwise all benign neoplasms of the face in adults can occur in the pediatric patient. We could found Odontogenic tumors of the maxillary and mandible; fibro-osseous lesions (osseus and fibrous displasia, ossifying fibroma); Giant cell lesions; Cherubism; Myxomas; Tumors of the peripheal nervous system isolated or associated with neurofibromatosis; Teratomas; Dermoid cyst and vascular malformations (hemangioma, lymphangioma and arterio-venous malformations)

Material and methods: We present our experience in the treatment of the face tumors in children population, protocols of diagnostic and treatment.

Conclusions: We emphasize the interdisciplinary treatment of the face tumors, specially in vascular malformations and malignancies, being the key point to reach the best clinical results, with low morbidity and high degree of satisfaction. Adequate diagnostic protocol may include the combination of the examination of clinical symptoms, facial CT and MRI imaging studies, prompt biopsy, and eventually angiography or vascular studies. Complete resection of the tumour with adequate tridimensional reconstruction procedures, avoiding the appearance of recurrences and impossible sequels to treat, are the leading tools in the management of these patients.

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