Three-dimensional Imaging and Simulation in Breast Augmentation

This article discusses perception of three-dimensional objects and binocular vision. High-resolution three-dimensional images of the breast can be captured using a camera system consisting of 3 separate stereoscopic pairs of digital cameras. The images (surfaces) are then joined to form a 220° surface of the torso, including the breasts. The images can be rotated freely in space. Simulation of augmentation with or without mastopexy is presented. Three-dimensional imaging and computer simulation of breast augmentation has become an emerging technology in many breast augmentation practices. This technology can be integrated in different ways into the consultation and informed consent process.

Key points

  • Computerized capture of three-dimensional objects with the ability to create three-dimensional representations (surfaces) is now possible.

  • These surfaces can be rotated freely in space

  • This technology has been applied to the capture of the female breast.

  • Calculations of volume and measurement parameters can be obtained with accuracy.

  • Simulations of breast augmentation are possible by treating the breast model as an elastic solid and inserting an implant of known dimensions and volume under the breast.

  • Software programmed algorithms are implemented to deform the breast by the implant while maintaining breast tissue volume constant, thereby producing a simulation of the augmented breast.

  • This technology has been applied to the consultation process of the breast augmentation procedure, improving patient understanding and facilitating communication between patient and surgeon.

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Nov 21, 2017 | Posted by in Dental Materials | Comments Off on Three-dimensional Imaging and Simulation in Breast Augmentation
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