The west of Ireland facial injury study

Introduction: The pattern of facial trauma in the west of Ireland is distinctively different to that of the United Kingdom, and other published series on facial trauma. The epidemiology of facial trauma is important in service development, clinician education and training, as well as service provision and in health promotion.

Methods: A multi centre prospective data collection study was undertaken for one week in the West of Ireland (population 1.04 million). All patients attending with facial injuries were included. The proforma recorded demographic information, details of injury, presentation, relationship with sport, alcohol, assault and animals as well as treatment and follow-up.

Results: In one week there were 325 injuries. The annual incidence of facial trauma per 100,000 is 1619. 68% of injuries were in males. 28% of injuries were due to sport. Only 14% were due to assault. 52% of injures were severe requiring admission, follow up or operative treatment. 25% of patients sustained a facial fracture. Helmets were associated with facial fractures, yet protective against lacerations ( p = 0.015). A full break down of the pattern of facial trauma will be given.

Conclusions: The current OMFS man power in the region is insufficient to manage the population, and the increased incidence of facial trauma. Sport related facial trauma is significantly more important than assault and alcohol related trauma. Helmets in some sports are a causative factor in maxillofacial trauma. Further analysis will show methods for injury prevention that will translate to areas with a large sporting populations.

Conflict of interest: Sponsored by Tekno Surgical.

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