Systematic treatment of zygomatico-orbital fractures

Zygomatic fractures are common facial injuries and represent the most common orbital fracture. Based upon both cosmetic and functional reasons, it is imperative that zygomatic injuries be properly and fully diagnosed and adequately treated. This lecture will discuss the diagnosis and management of zygomatico-orbital fractures based upon the findings on the preoperative CT scans. One must be aware that zygomatic complex fractures can result from both high and low energy injuries. Those resulting from altercations seem to be more linear in character and displaced en bloc. These can frequently be treated with limited exposure, simple reduction, and simple methods of fixation, if any. Conversely, high-energy injuries such as those sustained in motor vehicle accidents produce more comminution, and are much less amenable to simple methods of treatment. These fractures usually require extended open reduction and rigid fixation techniques. The surgeon must therefore be aware of the nature and extent of the injury while planning treatment. The necessity of internal orbital reconstruction and the technical aspects of reconstruction will be stressed. The main point of this lecture is to show how these injuries represent a spectrum and the amount of intervention to satisfactorily treat them varies considerably.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Systematic treatment of zygomatico-orbital fractures
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