Spanish (Chile)

Partial laryngectomy for early laryngeal cancer: a 25-year experience C. L Celedón, M. F. Royer, L. B. Ortúzar

Rev Otorrinolaringol Cir Cabeza Cuello 2008: 68: 117–123 Partial laryngectomy and radiotherapy are good alternatives for early laryngeal cancer treatment, as they are similar in both survival rate and laryngeal preservation. The first author’s 25-year experience on this subject was presented in this article. A retrospective review of early laryngeal cancer patients treated between 1980 and 2005 was done. History, type of treatment, tumour histology, complications and survival rates were analysed. 96 patients were recruited with an average age of 58 years. The most frequent histological type was epidermoid carcinoma (92%). 53% of patients had partial laryngectomy, and 47% had radiotherapy. Most operated patients had a fronto-lateral laryngectomy (68%). The most frequent complications were granulomas (16%) and failure of tracheal stoma closure (16%). Four radiotherapy patients and one that underwent surgery had recurrences. The survival rate was 91% for radiotherapy and 100% for partial laryngectomy. Treatment results with and without anterior comissure involvement were presented. Experience of the authors on both treatment methods and complications were considered comparable to that reported in the literature. New techniques must be compared with those currently used, taking into account of local situation. The therapeutic decision should be an informed consent between the physicians and the patients.


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