Reflections on a Decade of Change

In looking back over the years I have served as the Association’s Editor-in-Chief, I am overwhelmed with the number of supporters whose contributions have led to the numerous achievements to be recognized as 2010 comes to a close. First, I want all to know how your representatives on the AAO Board of Trustees have always supported the Journal by remaining open and available to assist in every struggle, large or small. Knowing the Board is always there means a great deal to any editor and they deserve to be acknowledged. The hundreds of authors and reviewers of the Journal are the “workers” who provide and help determine what we publish. Many are younger than you might realize and the experience they have with submission of their life’s work early in their career will often determine how active they will be in the profession for years to come. Most of the same professionals who complete research studies eventually become the best reviewers, often for a lifetime of dedication to excellence in scientific achievement. This path of scholarly fulfillment has never been easy, but is even more complex now with pressures to publish randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. All orthodontists remember well the challenges encountered in 10-12 years of formal dental education, but for those who decide to continue down the path of teaching and research, with both being dependent on publications, the hurdles seem to be getting higher and higher. These educators and researchers are the people who are responsible for the real success of any scientific journal. Such is the case for your American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics .

This selection of Journal covers serves as a reminder of the many contributions experienced by our readers over the past 11 years. As you read the guest editorial in this issue by our next Editor-in-Chief, Vince Kokich, you will quickly realize that he understands what “got us here.” With his appointment, you can be assured the AJO-DO of the future will continue to grow and prosper while incorporating a variety of new and exciting modes of communication one cannot even imagine now. With an established clinician at the helm, you will marvel at the myriad ways Dr. Kokich will communicate the latest in research findings as we all seek to improve the delivery of care to our patients. I encourage you to continue supporting the Journal as it reaches out to the larger orthodontic community in new and exciting ways. We are all in for a treat.



Added 100% color to all articles with no cost to authors.


Initiated Editor’s Choice column to draw attention to the clinical impact current studies can have in practice.


Celebrated 100 years as a specialty with multi-page foldout cover. Winner of Association TRENDS Award for outstanding achievement as well as a Platinum Citation awarded by the International College of Dentists for the front cover triptych.


Revised cover design to highlight Journal content and the inclusion of smiling patients as submitted monthly by readers.


Standardized the case report format with the guidance of Vince Kokich, resulting in an increase in both quality and number of acceptable cases published.


Changed the size and makeup of editorial board to reflect reviewers’ activity.


Gold Winner of Excellence in Publications by Association TRENDS for “Superior quality and creativity evident in the preparation and production of September 2005

AJO-DO , Category 3 Journal with $1 million+ Budget.”


Implemented an electronic manuscript submission, review and acceptance protocol for 100% of all authors and reviewers.


Added the AJO-DO Product Guide as a supplemental issue every April providing a member benefit and additional revenues.


Continued to increase article submissions with an expanded international prominence.


Moved the Journal’s continuing education under the AAO continuing education umbrella available only online, allowing for immediate grading and CE credits.


Reduced acceptance rate of submissions to less than 30%, allowing for greater selectivity in the quality of articles published.


Expanded the online access of back issues from 1996 to 1923, making Volume I (1915) now within reach.


Expanded the use of additional associate editors noted for their specific areas of expertise to appoint reviewers, evaluate revisions, and accept or reject articles.


Linked AAO and Elsevier websites to provide easier access for all members to the AJO-DO home page.


Limited increase in Journal cost per member over 10 years to only $3.00 (from $30.00 to 33.00 per year for most members).


Redesigned the journal website to enhance appearance and functionality.

Editorials published by David L. Turpin in the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics 2000-2010

June Online AJO-DO becomes a member benefit.
July From case reports to conflicts of interest.
August Ideal treatment results require more than good luck.
September Good time for discussion of early treatment.
October What patients want, and what they need.
November Invited commentaries add value to feature topics.
December Evidence-based orthodontics.

January Who moved my membership?
February Orthodontics 2001 – The Next Odyssey.
March Where has all the arch length gone?
April Interdisciplinary care leads the way.
May Creating a professional community – online.
June Long-term online search capabilities stymied.
July Honoring the past, moving into the future.
August California proposition may help patients in search of better oral health.
September Online forum to debut this month.
October Check out the medical model of board certification.
November Organization and purpose bring us together as the world grows smaller.
December Are there enough of us to do the job?
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