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Histologic evaluation of haemostatic agents in rabbit mandibles M. A. C. Gabrielli, E. Hochuli-Vieira, A. G. Paleari, P. S. Cerri, L. E. Klüppel

Rev Cir Traumatol Buco-Maxilo-fac 2009: 9: 97–106 This study evaluated the histological process of bone healing in defects created in rabbit mandibles in the presence of the haemostatic agents Avitene ® (microcrystalline collagen), Surgicel ® (regenerated oxidized cellulose) and Hemospon ® (gelatin sponge). The outcomes with empty control defects were compared. Bilateral defects were surgically created in the mandibles of 12 rabbits ( Oryctolagus cuniculus ) with a trephine bur 6 mm in diameter. In group I, the defects were filled with Avitene ® ; group II with Surgicel ® ; and group III with Hemospon ® , while those in group IV served as controls. The animals were sacrificed at 15, 30 and 60 days. The specimens were submitted to histological analysis. Results showed an inflammatory reaction in all defects in the presence of haemostatic agents. In group III (Hemospon ® ), there was prolonged and intense inflammation and the bone healing was delayed. In contrast, Avitene ® and Surgicel ® did not influence the bone repair process.


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