Pedicled submandibular gland flap for reconstruction of oropharyngeal defects

Background and objectives : The pedicled submandibular gland flap is an arterialized local flap in the head and neck region with an axial blood supply provided by the facial artery. As far as the authors know, the SGF has been used as modality of preventive care for xerostomia in patients undergoing radiation therapy of the head and neck region but there is not previous description of this flap for reconstruction of intraoral defects after surgical ablation.

Material and methods : From 2006 to 2011, a group of 11 patients underwent reconstruction of intraoral mucosal defects using a pedicled submandibular gland flap. A retrospective data analysis was performed using patient medical records, including data on underlying pathology, tumour size and location, surgical technique and flap harvesting.

Results : The anatomical areas involved in tumour resections included the parapharyngeal space, parotid gland, retromolar region with bone mandible involvement, maxilla, soft palate, lateral pharyngeal wall, lateral tongue and base of tongue.

Conclusions : The SGF should be considered when reconstructing partial glossectomy, tongue base, parapharyngeal space defects, and sealing in skull base by preventing CFL. It may decreased operative time, length of stay, and reduced morbidity while maintaining acceptable speech and swallowing function.

Key words : submandibular gland; flap; intraoral reconstruction

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Jan 21, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on Pedicled submandibular gland flap for reconstruction of oropharyngeal defects
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