Orthodontics and traumatic injuries to the teeth

How do you explain difficult problems in orthodontics and traumatic injuries to the teeth in an easy and comprehensible way for the clinician? This has been done in a new book by Professors Alberto and Damasco Caprioglio, together with Drs Claudia Caprioglio and Lisa Mariani. Long-term clinical experiences from this team are delivered as a serious monograph, helping to answer the difficult questions. Is it possible to move a traumatized tooth? Should I move the tooth? And if so, when should I start?

In the foreword, Dr Jens Ove Andreasen, a highly regarded expert in dental traumatology, points out that orthodontics is perhaps the most complicated discipline in that field in terms of when and how to treat.

It clearly depends on the type of trauma. The authors provide a 1-page list of suggested observation periods before orthodontic treatment, followed by understandable, well-illustrated cases. Since treatments still may be based on clinical experiences more than evidence, the table listing should not be misinterpreted as a standardized adviser.

For years, I have been collaborating with Dr Andreasen about autotransplantation of teeth. This important treatment possibility has been well described, and various clinical studies show that orthodontic treatment is possible 3 to 6 months after autotransplantation (ie, after revascularization of the pulp) without a significant risk of root resorption.

The clinical cases and treatment procedures are well described and illustrated with superb color photographs. To further support their experience-based approach, the authors have added 155 references. This book should enrich the library of any orthodontist.

As pointed out in Professor Damaso Caprioglio’s presentation: “I hope that it might become a permanent didactic resource in all post-graduate schools of orthodontics.” And furthermore, as emphasized in Dr Andreasen’s foreword: “It should be a must for the orthodontic profession as well as other specialists treating dental traumas.”

I only have to summarize. This book is a must and a bible for all pedodontists and orthodontists who treat children.

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