Orthodontic retention procedures: orthodontist-based questionnaire study

The article entitled “Epidemiologic study of orthodontic retention procedures” in the April 2018 issue was read with great interest. The authors need to be appreciated for a vast questionnaire study. However, an important concern arises with respect to the broken fixed or bonded retainers. The questionnaire study included type of retainer, duration of use, and materials used for the retainers. Did the questionnaire include orthodontists experiencing any incidences of partially debonded retainer? In the results section, it is mentioned that “All orthodontists were familiar with the phenomenon of unintentionally active retainers.” In some instances, the retainer breaks but remains bonded to some or all teeth, and such partial debonding of the retainer can go unnoticed by patients. This can produce inadvertent tooth movement. Such broken or distorted bonded retainers are similar to unintentional and unnoticed active retainers. To prevent this, regular posttreatment checkups of patients wearing fixed retainers by orthodontists in the short term are necessary. There is no mention about the incidence of such partially debonded fixed retainers in the questionnaire. Since the results of this study are quite promising, we would appreciate it if the authors could share their views on the queries.

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