Maxillofacial cosmetic surgery

The human face is our window to the world. It is both the way we as individuals put forth ourselves for communication and the lens through which others examine us. Years ago, cosmetic surgery was once perceived as only for wealthy, vain, famous, or narcissistic individuals. However, in today’s world, these stereotypes have faded into the past. Everyday people, across the globe, are aiming to improve their appearances. This demand coupled with a focus on personal beauty has stimulated incredible growth and interest in facial cosmetic surgery.

Facial cosmetic surgery encompasses a variety of skin treatments, minimally invasive surgeries, as well as larger procedures. At first glance, so many possibilities may seem overwhelming. However, with evaluation and guidance by the trained eye of a surgeon, as well as a detailed medical history and physical exam, the selection process becomes quite personalized.

The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon is uniquely qualified for assessing and managing patients who desire facial cosmetic surgery. The routine systematic evaluation of the facial skeleton to the overlying soft tissue allows for a more balanced discussion of surgical options beyond the “skin only”. In addition the habituation of facial skeletal osteotomies, while initially more invasive, can allow for a more permanent natural look. This stands in stark contrast to the approach taken by many that demands an artificial or “implant” only driven solution irrespective of the underlying skeletal deformity.

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