Mandibular fractures: epidemiology and patterns of injury in 4100 fractures

Introduction: This study provides a large statistical sample to investigate patterns of mandibular injury in a major urban trauma center. The purpose of this study is to allow identification of population and mechanism-based risk factors and to isolate concomitant, potentially life-threatening injuries, presenting with fractures of the mandible.

Methods: Data was collected from the Parkland Memorial Hospital Trauma Registry using ICD-9 codes. Information included fracture type, age, gender, mechanism of injury, and associated injuries.

Results: 4143 mandibular fractures in 2828 patients were managed at Parkland Memorial Hospital between 1993 and 2010. The 3rd decade was the most prevalent age group; there was a male predominance of 83%. The injury distribution by site was: Condyle 9.2%, Subcondyle 10.6%, Coronoid 1.1%, Ramus 5.6%, Angle 29.18%, Symphysis 22.92%, Alveolar Border 3.2%, and Body 18.09%.

Mechanism was generally subdivided for comparison of associated injuries. Subdivisions include high velocity penetrating (gunshot – 5%), low velocity penetrating (knife – 0.4%), high velocity blunt (MVC, MCC – 19.9%), Low velocity blunt (MPC, IPC, Falls, Sports – 46.85%) and other (NOS – 27.8%).

Multiple fractures within the mandible were the predominant pattern representing 1426 of the 4143 fractures. 1402 fractures were limited to a single site. Fractures were more common in the summer months.

Conclusion: This study provides a large statistical sample of mandible fracture patterns at a single institution. Future investigation of will provide greater insight into the patterns of injury and degree of severity of associated injuries based on mechanism of injury.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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