Surgical approaches to the parapharyngeal space E. Sesenna, T. Poli, B. Bianchi, S. Ferrari

Rivista italiana di Chirurgia Maxillo-Facciale 2007: 18: 55–57 The parapharyngeal space, an area of complex anatomic relationship, is involved in a wide variety of benign and malignant neoplasms. Since primary parapharyngeal space tumors are rare, it is difficult for any single surgeon to obtain sufficient surgical experience of this anatomical region. This paper reviewed the surgical approaches for the parapharyngeal space. These were: transoral, transcervical, transparotid, infratemporal and mandibular swing.

The purpose of this article was to present the common surgical approaches to parapharyngeal space tumours. Two surgical approaches used by the authors were: the transcervical and transcervical-parotid. Complications were rare; the most common was transient facial nerve paralysis. The use of these two operations resulted in low morbidity and provided a safe, efficacious approach to the management of all parapharyngeal space neoplasms encountered. Most benign parapharyngeal space tumours could be excised surgically with low rate of complications and recurrence. Malignant neoplasms, however, have bad prognosis and a low rate of disease-free survival.


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