Takashi Komabayashi

Copiously illustrated in full color, Clinical Cases in Endodontics brings together actual endodontic clinical cases chosen by national and international master clinicians and leading academics, building from the simple to the complex and from the common to the rare. Part of the Wiley-Blackwell Clinical Cases series, and with cases ranging from nonsurgical root canal treatment to complicated therapy, this book presents practical, everyday applications accompanied by rigorously supported academic commentary in a unique approach that questions and educates readers about essential topics in clinical endodontics. The format of Clinical Cases in Endodontics fosters case-based, problem-based and evidence-based independent learning and prepares readers for case-based examinations. It is, therefore, useful as a textbook from which predoctoral dental students and postgraduate residents may learn about the challenging and absorbing nature of endodontic treatment. However, the book’s range and depth of detail will also make it an excellent reference tool for practitioners whenever perplexing cases arise in the dental office.

Each chapter provides a brief recap of key theoretical concepts, situates cases within the framework of standard protocols, and considers the advantages and disadvantages of the clinical regimen. This approach enables student readers to build their skills, aiding their ability to think critically and independently. However, by simulating a step-by-step visual presentation, this book also facilitates development and refinement of technique regardless of one’s years of experience in endodontic treatment. Clinical Cases in Endodontics will make all readers more confident in their understanding of endodontic treatment.

Composition of each Chapter (Chapters 2 to 25)

Clinical Cases in Endodontics adheres to the same four-part structure for each chapter.

1. Learning Objectives

Each chapter opens with a statement of learning objectives for that chapter, a format familiar from course syllabi at many dental schools or dental continuing education courses.

2. Clinical Case (With Radiographs and Pictures)

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