Fixed-functional appliance treatment and growth hormone therapy

We congratulate Min-Ho Jung for the interesting case report, “Fixed-functional appliance treatment combined with growth hormone therapy,” published in the AJO-DO in September 2017 (Am J Orthod DentofacialOrthop 2017;152:402-12). We appreciate the author’s illustrating the role of growth hormones in functional appliance therapy in a skeletal Class II patient. Although the treatment was very well finished, we have some queries that require discussion.

Growth hormones were administered along with functional appliance therapy, but the dosage and schedule were not mentioned; that could be beneficial for further research.

All second premolars were extracted. Although significant uprighting of the mandibular anteriors was achieved, would mandibular first premolar and maxillary second premolar extractions have been a better choice to decompensate before the fixed functional appliance?

A vital part of the case report was the clinical application of a Forsus fatigue resistant device to achieve intrusion of the molars and advancement of the mandible, but no evidence (photographs) was presented in the case report. According to the author, the Forsus appliance was inserted with an L-pin in the gingival headgear tube of the molar band. But the stage photographs show single bonded buccal tubes on the maxillary molars.

We will be obliged if the author could clarify.

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