Erratum to: Eliades T. Bisphenol A and orthodontics: An update of evidence-based measures to minimize exposure for the orthodontic team and patients. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2017;152:435-41.

In the above-referenced article, on page 438, the author intended to discuss setting the maximum exposure contact concentrations, not the minimum; therefore, the following correction is needed:

To this end, setting a maximum exposure contact concentration per time interval—ie, X μm per day—for BPA-containing orthodontic materials is a confusing and profoundly unsubstantiated proposal because of the following: (1) there is no direct contact with BPA-containing materials anyway; (2) the proposal is apparently directed to the staff of the practice, with unpredictable impacts on the perception of the hazard by patients; and (3) even if direct contact with resins containing BPA materials took place, the precise estimation of the BPA exposure is impossible because the concentration of BPA in the material is unknown.

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