I would like to dedicate this clinic to my mentors both in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and during my service in the US Navy. Over the years they have taught me about leadership, provided friendship and support, challenged me to exceed my own goals, helped shape the man I am today, and even taught me surgery along the way.

  • CDR John R. Sterba, USNR

  • CAPT Blake Turner, DC, USN (Ret.)

  • COL Wendell Edgin, DC, USAF (Ret.)

  • CAPT Richard Merrifield, DC, USN

  • CAPT Pete Seder, DC, USN (Ret.)

  • Dr Robert Camuglia

My father died when I was a young boy. There are three individuals who stand out as father figures to me in my young adult life and who went above and beyond that of a mentor, and I would like to make special mention of these three individuals. All were challenging, supportive, and critical when necessary, much like a father.

  • CAPT Tem E. Bugarin, USN (Ret.), Commanding Officer of my first ship, USS JUNEAU LPD 10

  • CAPT Larry Dermody, DC, USN (Ret.), Director of Clinical Services, Naval Dental Center San Diego (my destination following transfer from JUNEAU )

  • COL James M. Startzell, DC, USA (Ret.), my OMS Program Director

The individuals who taught us, challenged us, and pushed us to take the road less traveled and not the path of least resistance are the ones who have made the most impact on our lives. These are the individuals that taught us the skills necessary to overcome adversity when it strikes. These are the individuals we remember most. And, they are also the people we owe the most to, in gratitude and return.

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