Creating an Effective Curriculum Vitae

Creating an Effective Curriculum Vitae

Without question, your curriculum vitae (CV) is critical to a successful expert career. It will define you, and its contents must fairly reflect who you are professionally. It will open doors and get you noticed. Further, as a recitation of credentials, it will be used to enhance your credibility as a witness. The CV serves to identify a practitioner as an expert in a given field and should provide a basis upon which to present opinions. Attorneys, insurance carriers, and ultimately jurors scrutinize an expert’s credentials in determining the weight to give to that expert’s opinions. With so much riding on the CV, it behooves you to make it as effective as possible. Do not, however, exaggerate.

In addition to listing your name, professional address, and practice specialty, the CV should contain the following information.

Education and Training

List the names and locations of all schools attended after high school. Unless your high school was regionally or nationally known, its inclusion is unnecessary. Indicate the years of attendance at or years of graduation from undergraduate, graduate, and medical schools. Identify noteworthy education programs you attended and significant scholastic honors and awards you received. Internships, residencies, and fellowships should be mentioned. Include the nature, years, and locations of your training. Again, if you received special recognition, honors, or awards during your training, your CV should recite them.

Board Certification

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