Clear aligner technique

Dr Sandra Tai a well-know clear aligner educator, has put forth an excellent effort in her book, Clear aligner technique . As the title states, the text takes a deep dive into the biomechanics and nuances of treating teeth with plastic. Principles of clear aligner treatment are presented in a succinct, easy to understand manner. This begins with a comparison of the basic biomechanical differences between fixed appliances and clear, removable aligners. After this biomechanic baseline has been established, the author dives into how to treat various malocclusions of every type with various clear aligner techniques. The cases presented range from mild malocclusions to severe, allowing readers to experience a practical range of treatment examples to apply in their practices.

The book is beautiful to look at, and the content is nicely presented. All images are in color, when appropriate, and of high resolution. The excellent quality of the records, supplementary figures, graphs, and illustrations help to pull readers in and keep their attention throughout the text. The book’s illustrations and treatment examples are Invisalign-centric; however, since this currently is the most relevant system for clear aligner treatment, this does not distract from the overall content. If anything, it allows for the learning to remain focused, as introducing other systems would introduce potentially confusing variables. I found that of particular use, at the end of each chapter, important concepts are summarized in a concise manner, allowing for an easy understanding of “the big picture.”

Currently, there are few texts available regarding clear aligner techniques. Although most education can be gained from live courses, online courses, or online coaching sites, many practitioners may prefer to have an easy-to-access textbook for reference. The comprehensiveness and quality of this book are excellent, and I highly recommend it for those interested in having a consistent resource on how to deliver quality clear aligner outcomes to their patients.

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