Clinical study on the use of acellular dermal graft for closure of immediate implant wound X. L. Hu, Y. Lin, P. Di, J. H. Li, Y. Zhang

Journal of Modern Stomatology 2009: 23(1): 6–9 The objective of this study was to evaluate the results of using acellular dermal graft to close immediate implant wound. A total of 10 patients underwent immediate implant treatment were treated to close immediate implant wound with acellular dermal matrix. Four patients were male and six were female. The age ranged from 26 to 59 years old with a mean age of 56.3 years. Ten implants were placed and restored. The follow-up period of the patients were more than 24 months, with the range from 24 to 29 months. Clinical examination was conducted to follow up the healing of acellular dermal grafts. Verhoeff stain was used for histological evaluation. Graft rejection was not found and the wound healing was uneventful except one case. Wound dehiscence occurred on the postoperative 20th day and healing abutment was connected directly after oral rinsing and osseointegration was not affected afterwards. The accellular dermal graft did close the immediate implant wound and incorporated the peri-implant soft tissue based on histological evaluation. During the last re-examination, no implant loss was observed and the peri-implant soft tissue was healthy and stable. The results indicated that it was effective to close the immediate implant wound by using an acellular dermal graft and the short-term clinical result was predictable.


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