Case 35 Management of oral manifestations of methamphetamine abuse


Management of oral manifestations of methamphetamine abuse

Methamphetamine use is estimated at 10.4 million people in the United States and over 35 million people worldwide. Amphetamines are generally prescribed to control weight and to treat attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy, as well as for treatment-resistant depression. Poor oral hygiene, xerostomia, and rampant caries are associated with patients with methamphetamine abuse.


A 28-year-old female patient presents for comprehensive treatment. She expressed her concerns with poor appearance of her teeth and bleeding gingival tissues.

Figure 1: Preoperative presentation.


Figure 2: Preoperative right side.


Figure 3: Preoperative left side.


Figure 4: Preoperative maxilla.


Figure 5: Preoperative mandible.



  • Understand potential systemic side effects of methamphetamine abuse.
  • Understand the etiology of methamphetamine- induced oral manifestations.
  • Learn important factors in treating the oral complications related to methamphetamine abuse.

Medical History

  • History of methamphetamine abuse about 5 years ago

Dental History

  • Even though the patient had frequent dental visits over the past 3 years, she reported suffering from dry mouth, caries and bleeding gingival tissues.

Clinical Findings/Problem List

  • Generalized rampant caries on the existing dentition
  • Generalized moderate to severe plaque accumulation
  • Generalized erythematous and edematous gingival tissue
  • Existing provisional restorations on the maxillary anterior teeth

Radiographic Findings

(See Fig.6.)


  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Generalized moderate to severe periodontitis
  • Rampant caries
  • Xerostomia
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