Authors’ response

We thank Dr Hudson for his interest in our study. We are not surprised that it has generated a strong reaction, because our findings invalidate a long-held belief in orthodontics regarding condylar positioning. Unfortunately for Dr Hudson, orthodontics is primarily a scientific endeavor, not a system of beliefs.

As such, we would like to address his specific contentions.

The many previous studies showing repeatable “accuracy” of centric relation (CR) did not use imaging to confirm the actual positions of the condyles within the fossae (eg, the study by McKee quoted by Dr Hudson used an instrument known as the Denar Centri-Check). Our study, however, and another study with similar findings by Alexander et al, are the only studies to date that have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to verify what is actually happening in vivo at the condyle-fossa complex.

Dr Hudson’s implicit claim of bias to solely prove our point is also unfounded. The radiologist reading the MRI scans was blinded as to which bite position the subject was in, and these had been randomized by the MRI technologist.

Furthermore, Dr Hudson said that we were “several decades out of touch” by studying the retruded CR. In fact, we assessed the validity of both the original retruded CR and the most commonly used CR registration today known as the Roth Power Bite.

Despite Dr Hudson’s rhetoric to the contrary, our findings show that regardless of the bite registration used, one simply cannot accurately and predictably position condyles into specific locations in the glenoid fossae. We have made our methods clear and would welcome any similar studies to determine whether this finding is reproducible or not: this is how scientific knowledge is advanced, not by ad hominem attacks. Unfortunately, Dr Hudson has furnished no research data or evidence contrary to our findings other than putting pen to paper in an attempt to educate the public of his view on condylar positioning.

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