Author’s response

Thank you very much for reading our article so carefully.

Indeed, the labeling of the y-axis is incorrect in Figure 3. This happened because of some revisions, and it is a miserable fact that no one noticed the mistake during the revisions and typesetting. We have submitted a Correction for publication in the Journal.

Regarding the second item mentioned by Dr Vu, there is no need for a discussion of masses in the earth’s or the moon’s fields of gravity! Formally, Dr Vu might be right, and in our first manuscript version, we stated “when forces dropped below 0.2 N (1 N equals 100 gf)” in the respective passage. If a physically correct formulation should be used, this is the correct term. However, a reviewer wanted a concretion of “N,” and this was a formulation he accepted. In fact, kgf or gf is not an official unit of measurement in any system of units. If a correct unit in the “cgs” system had been used, we would have used p and not g or gf. However, the AJO-DO does not have a clear rule for the use of N, g, gf, or similar symbols for forces. And moreover, orthodontists around the world are still using g as a unit for the force, although we prefer using N.

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