Authors’ response

Thank you for your compliments regarding our article (Janson G, de Freitas MR, Araki J, Franco EJ, Barros SEC. Class III subdivision malocclusion corrected with asymmetric intermaxillary elastics. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 2010;138:221-30). We realize that Figure 4 is not clear, and we should have described more details of the treatment progress. Most of the time, Class III elastics were used only on the left side; when elastics were used on both sides, the force on the left side was greater than on the right side. The anterior diagonal elastic was used from a hook soldered mesially to the mandibular right canine to a hook soldered mesially to the maxillary left canine on the archwires. We should also have mentioned that the initial malocclusion shown in Figure 1 was in centric relationship. Therefore, there was no contribution of mandibular repositioning to the correction.

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