Adper easy bond in total-etch mode on dentin

Objectives : This study investigated the bonding efficacy of Adper™ Easy Bond (EB, 3 M ESPE), a 7th generation adhesive, when used in total-etch (5th generation) mode on either moist (EB-TE-moist) or dry (EB-TE-dry) superficial bovine dentin. The moist or dry condition of the tooth is after etching. The dry condition represents a product misuse scenario.

Materials and methods : A notched-edge shear method was used to measure the shear bond strengths (SBS) to dentin (composite: Filtek™ Z250 A2, 3M ESPE). EB in standard self-etch mode and the 5th generation adhesive Adper™ Single Bond Plus (SB+, 3M ESPE) were tested as controls. Bonded specimens were stored in water at 37 °C for 24 h. Half of the specimens were then randomly selected and tested for baseline data, and the remaining half were thermocycled between 5 and 55 °C (30 s each per cycle) and then tested after 7000 cycles.

Results : Mean (std dev) SBS in MPa and p -values (two-sample t -tests, p < 0.05) are listed in the table ( n = 8).

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