A new device for alveolar bone transportation

Purpose: To discuss a retrospective study of a new technique for alveolar bone transport by distraction osteogenesis, using a Hyrax modified device by the principal author (OAV).

Patients and methods: There were treated seven patients: 5 male and 2 two female; five patients with cleft palate and lip diagnosis, one with a high-speed gunshot wound, and one patient with facial trauma sequel due to mandibular fracture. All of them were treated with an alveolar bone transportation technique (ABT) through the use of the modified Hyrax device (VEGAX). Before surgery bifocal distraction osteogenesis of adjacent alveolar bone was performed on four patients, while the trifocal type was performed on the other three patients. However, in one case, direct dental anchorage was not used, only orthodontic appliances.

Results: In all the cases, new bone formation and gingival tissue around the defect was obtained, closure of alveolar fistula, movement from posterior to anterior of the alveolar process; no complications were observed in any patient. In one case, two teeth involved in the disc of the ABT were extracted, due to a previous condition of periodontal disease.

Conclusion: The alveolar bone transport by distraction osteognesis with the VEGAX device is an easy and accessible technique for almost every patient with alveolar defects due to diverse causes. In all the presented cases, predictability and success were demonstrated.

Conflict of interest: None declared.

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Jan 27, 2018 | Posted by in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery | Comments Off on A new device for alveolar bone transportation
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