29 Treatment planning: edentulous mandible


Treatment planning: edentulous mandible

Removable Options

Overdenture Supported by Two Implants: Ball Attachment Systems (Fig. 29.1A)

This is the least expensive, shortest, and simplest option. Normally, this option is possible in any case, except for severely resorbed mandibles. A bar can also be used. One international consensus has proposed mandibular two-implant overdentures as the minimum standard of care for edentulous patients (Feine, 2002).

Figure 29.1 Removable options: overdentures with attachment systems. (A) Two dental implants. Ball attachment system. (B) Four dental implants. Bar attachment system. Distal bar extensions are possible.


Treatment Plan Specificities

Two implants are placed in the anterior mandible between the mental foramina (see Appendix J). Placing the implant in the canine-lateral region is recommended. A minimum of 7 mm of interocclusal distance is necessary. The implants must be parallel with a 10° tolerance. One-stage or two-stage procedures can be used. After the osseointegration process, ball abutments are placed. The existing denture can be used (see Appendix K). If this is not possible for functional or esthetic reasons, a new denture must be prepared according to the standard principles of complete dentures.

Overdenture Supporte/>

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