26: Pain control and carious primary teeth

26 Pain control and carious primary teeth

image What dressings can help manage pulpitis initially?

After gentle excavation of the softest layer of coronal caries:

If a tooth is abscessed, there is often significant coronal destruction. The pulp chamber of such teeth can often be accessed by gentle excavation, and a dressing of Ledermix on some cotton wool placed within the chamber and sealed with cement will often lead to resolution of the swelling.

An acute and/or spreading infection or swelling may require the prescription of antibiotics. This is discussed in Chapter 27. Antibiotics should only be prescribed for pain in the absence of swelling for immunosuppressed patients. Analgesics may be necessary for pain (Table 26.2).

Table 26.2 Dosages for common paediatric analgesics

Drug Dosage
Paracetamol 20 mg/kg initially then 15 mg/kg every 4 hours
  Maximum 24-hour dosage 90 mg/kg
  Ensure adequate hydration
Ibuprofen (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)) 5–10 mg/kg every 8 hours
Can be used in conjunction with paracetamol
Best given with food and drink

Dressing open cavities has a number of advantages:

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