26: Other health professionals

Chapter 26

Other health professionals

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1. List other health professionals who may be giving oral health advice to the public.
2. Confidently pass on your knowledge of oral health to these professionals who may be patients themselves, or who may be passing on advice to their own patients.


The oral health educator (OHE) should be aware of other health professionals who give advice that can affect the oral cavity as well as the general health of patients.

It is very important that all providers give the same messages on both oral and general health matters to avoid confusion and conflicting advice among recipients. For example, at one time midwives, health visitors and school nurses in the United Kingdom were advising parents to use baby foods and drinks which the dental profession knew to be cariogenic. As a result, the Health Education Authority (now the Health Development Agency) produced a useful training manual for health visitors and school nurses [1].

From time to time the OHE may also be required to educate other health professionals and should feel confident in their own ability to do so.


Health professionals in a number of different sectors give oral health advice to the public. These professionals include/>

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