19 Patient evaluation: surgical template


Patient evaluation: surgical template

The surgical template is a device that prefigures both (1) the prosthetic project to enable its visualization on X-rays (radiographic template), and (2) to optimize the implant positioning during surgery (surgical guide). Placement of several contiguous implants often requires a surgical template.


Precision is essential particularly in the esthetic area where even limited inaccuracy can have detrimental consequences. As a result, technical procedures are similar to temporary removable dentures.

Stability avoids any displacement of the template during radiographic examination and surgery. Stability is provided by non-mobile teeth if possible (teeth-borne template; Fig. 19.1) or by the edentulous ridge (soft tissue-borne template; Fig. 19.2).

Figure 19.1 Radiographic template: titanium guide sleeves allow visualization of implant direction and indicate surgical placement.


Figure 19.2 Surgical template with a denture design. Note the exact positioning of implants.


The template must be easy to use, essentially because patients will wear them during radiographic examination. During surgery, positioning and retrieving the device mus/>

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