18: Planning an Oral Hygiene Session Outside of the Practice

Chapter 18

Planning an oral hygiene session outside of the practice

By the end of this chapter you should be able to:
1. Plan a talk to a group outside of the workplace.
2. List points to consider on delivering the talk.
3. List points to consider when setting up an exhibition and a poster.


Having covered how to construct and evaluate an oral health education session and the aspects of a PDU in which a session can be conducted with a patient, this chapter looks at practical points surrounding planning a session to a group outside of the practice, as well as designing an exhibition and a poster.


When planning a talk outside of the practice to a group of people, the OHE should:

1. Visit the venue in advance. On a preliminary visit check:

– Car parking/disabled access.
– Position of the room – is it upstairs?
– Size of the room – will it be big enough, or too big?
– Lighting/electric sockets – for using a DVD, computer or overhead projector.
– Fixtures and fittings – are there chairs, sinks, mirrors?
– Resources available (e.g. computer, projector, flipcharts, tables, chairs).
– Refreshments and facilities (e.g. a kitchen).
2. Book a date with the venue owner or organiser (obtain proof of booking where applicable), and confirm the booking nearer the time.

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