11: Reverse overjet

11 Reverse overjet



image What are the possible causes of the reverse overjet?

These are listed in Table 11.1.

Table 11.1 Causes of reverse overjet

Cause Aetiology
Skeletal Usually Class III due to any of the following: long mandible, forward placement of glenoid fossa positioning the mandible more anteriorly; short and/or retrognathic maxilla; short anterior cranial base
Anterior mandibular displacement on closure A premature contact may displace the mandible forward on closure into maximum interdigitation
Retained primary upper incisors These may deflect the eruption path of their successors palatally into crossbite
Pattern/excessive mandibular growth Forward pattern of mandibular growth will exacerbate a Class III skeletal pattern
Excessive mandibular growth may be due to excess growth hormone resulting from a pituitary adenoma
Restraint of maxillary growth Found in repaired cleft lip and palate and attributed to the effect of post-surgical scar tissue

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