1 Overview of Minimally Invasive Therapy

Overview of Minimally Invasive Therapy

Stephen K. Harrel and Thomas G. Wilson Jr.

The definition of a minimally invasive procedure has been debated in medicine since the term was first coined in an editorial in the British Journal of Surgery in 1990 [1]. Initial descriptions of small incision surgeries were usually based on the method or instrument that was used to visualize the surgical site. Examples of this would be a microsurgical procedure where the surgical site was visualized using a surgical microscope or a laparoscopic procedure where the abdominal procedure was visualized using a laparoscopic endoscope. Because the technology being used for small incision surgery continued to evolve rapidly and often the instrumentation for visualization of a particular procedure changed over time, the term “minimally invasive surgery” was suggested. This is a more global term that need not be changed as the technology evolves. Over time, a definition was accepted which states that minimally invasive surgery is a surgical technique that uses smaller incisions to perform a surgical procedure that previously required larger incisions and achieves equal or superior resu/>

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